Burundi commemorates the 57th anniversary of the assassination of its Independence Hero

Ind 1

Burundians commemorate every 13th October, the assassination of Burundi’s Independence Hero, Prince Louis Rwagasore, who was killed in 1961, at the Tanganyika Hotel in Bujumbura. On this Saturday October 13, 2018, ceremonies started with a Mass in memory of the national hero at the Regina Mundi Cathedral of Bujumbura.

The president of the Republic of Burundi and many other authorities, that is, members of the Government, Parliament, senior officers of the police and the army, diplomats accredited to Bujumbura were present. The family of Rwagasore also attended the ceremonies.

During the mass at Bujumbura Cathedral, Monseigneur Gervais Banshimiyubusa, Archbishop of Bujumbura, invited the country’s leaders to follow the example of Prince Louis Rwagasore to safeguard Burundi’s independence. He asked them not to be distracted by the dark episodes of the past that Burundi has gone through. He called on country’s authorities to avoid any discrimination in order to better prepare a good future for new generations.

Ceremonies continued in Vugizo at the Mausoleum of Prince Louis Rwagasore with the wreath-laying by the Presidential couple, followed by the representatives of the diplomatic and consular corps accredited in Bujumbura, the family of Rwagasore and the representatives of political parties operating in Burundi.

At the end of the ceremonies, participants followed an excerpt from the speech made by Prince Louis Rwagasore after the victory of UPRONA party in the 1961 elections, on the eve of Burundi’s independence.

Mass greetings


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